Friday, November 12, 2010

Wife pt.2

Alright ladies!  It's Friday, which means that if you started the Proverbs 31 wife challenge with me on Monday that this is our 5th day!  I hope that you have found a version that is easy to grasp and apply straight to your life.  I actually look at several versions each day just to get some different verbiage and takes on the verses.

I pray that each of you have started to see changes in yourself already, I know I have!

Every time I read the Proverbs wife of noble character I see things that I need to improve on.  Which is one reason I thought it would be a great idea to study it for 21 days straight...there are 21 verses in this passage, so essentially you could study a verse a day.  I read through the entire passage each day, then take one or two verses and really meditate and pray them over my life.  The key really isn't how much you are reading, but that you are getting in God's presence.

And remember our simple, one breathe prayer;" (inhale) Abba, (exhale) I belong to you."  I pray this before I start.

If you only have one version at home, I do recommend this site .  It has many versions and you can also post verses to Twitter or Facebook, which I love!

I would love to hear how your studying, prayer and meditation time is going!  If you are joining me in this,  leave a comment and let me know how you are doing, how you are studying, how God is changing/challenging you.... etc!

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