Friday, November 5, 2010


I was waiting until the weather warmed up again to do this outside, but it is now finally actually starting to get colder and apparently stay that way.  So, we just put down a throw-away picnic table cover we had and then some big color sheets.  It worked great!  I gave them each one color to paint with and a sponge paint brush. 

After they were finished I glittered them up to add a little extra pizazz!  They had SO much FUN!  And that's what it all about!  And the fact that there was no mess since all I had to do was wrap up the tablecloth and throw it all away, and nothing got on the tile or anything else, I was super happy!  After decorating I just wiped them each down with a towel as they did get a little paint on their hands and a little on their feet :)  and then they jumped in the bath, as they were needing one today anyway. **acrylic paint flakes off which would have made their bath pretty gross and pointless.  So if you do this remember to wipe off your kiddos first!

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