Thursday, November 18, 2010

haircuts and tree

after haircuts..Trinity just got a trim and some layers around her face
 We just trimmed Asher's up too....and thinned it out a little so it's not so crazy poofy.  we think it's cute longer, are finally able to style it.  He looks cute with the sweep over bangs  **this pic hair is not styled** 
and Gabriel....with his usual spike cut!  He was excited when he saw himself in the mirror.  He actually like to style his hair...:)

Asher helping daddy put the top tear of the tree on!
 Had a lot of fun putting the tree up last night!  But we still aren't finished.  Still have to put all the decor on.  Chris couldn't find our decorations in the attic, so will have to do some more looking.  It's usually all together next to the tree...but apparently not this year. lol.  Can't wait to get the kiddos gifts wrapped and put under the tree!  I really love this time of year!
Trinity being funny :P

And it wouldn't be complete without one of THE best movies of the Holiday season.....