Tuesday, November 2, 2010

In-case you missed it

click this link..... Our Peekaboo Article
I literally sat down to write this article several times.  They wanted something light hearted and not very long.  An example they gave me was a funny store experience.  We honestly don't have any interesting stories about our kids out in public.  Thank you Jesus!  lol...except for Gabriel falling asleep at lunch while out with people, but that's not very interesting to most people. SO, my first thought was "I want to show people the positive", and I figured that thought was just me b/c I'm generally a pretty positive person.  There were a couple times I sat down to write our whole story...ya know....preg, hospital, complications.....etc.....

But I just kept feeling God say "No, that's not what I want you to write."  SO.  When I sat down for the last time to try and give them at least something, this is what God gave me.  He just said "share the good....someone out there needs to be encouraged that multiples....and children in general are a blessing not a burden."  

And I have to admit, after I got the magazine and saw that most everyone else had given their whole dramatic story, the devil was really attacking me about what I wrote and I was even a little embarrassed that it was the shortest piece....anyways. It took some prayer and I really had to take those thoughts captive and just know that that was exactly what GOD wanted me to write.  So now I love what I wrote, not because it is anything eloquent, as I would have liked something in a magazine to be, BUT because I wrote what God intended and wanted me to write.

So, it is short and sweet and apparently someone needed to hear it! lol


  1. the 'blessing and not a burden' message needs to be SHOUTED FROM THE ROOFTOPS. the general 'anti kid' attitude of soooo many breaks my heart. there's a reason God over and over again called them blessings, that is what they ARE. our culture has made children an inconvenient thing. you did a GREAT job and i was super proud to call you my friend after reading it!

  2. Totally agree. God is raising up a new gen of us Mama's who feel this way and I LOVE it! I've got a life group full of them to prove it. So proud of those ladies. 'cus really, we still see it and hear it so much when we go out and about with our children. I've told you some of the negative comments that we've gotten with our three. As much as I just want to slug some Jesus love into some people, I smile and answer back positively instead. baha In Jesus name...bam haha