Friday, November 26, 2010

Some old_er pics

So we were at Chris' parents yesterday for Thanksgiving...those pics to follow
 ....but we got these pics off their camera from Spring and Fall and thought they were cute!  It's so hard not having a camera that I can take with me everywhere....and my phone takes the worst blury photo' you've prob already noticed.  So while these are old I really liked reminiscing!

It is SO crazy looking at pics that were taken in June and seeing how much our kiddos have grown, facial features changing, Trinity's hair is so much longer, clothes that were small.....all this in only 6mos. Goes by so stinkin' fast.  I think in Jan I will do a year picture roundup just to show how much they have changed and grown.  'cus it is just beyond crazy!

 ha! how boy is this?! hitting bugs with twigs....
 playing guitar with papa

 These next pics are from Holloween time.  "Gama" made them lion, tiger, and bear cupcakes!  Trinity and Gabriel had no prob tearing on into theirs.....Asher on the other hand wouldn't eat it.  lol...that child cracks me up....if it resembles an animal of any kind he won't eat it.  He did the same thing at Thanksgiving when "Gama" made them a big turkey of that will come later

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