Thursday, November 11, 2010


Just a couple things that are not only good for ya, but seriously good!  I'm all about healthy, but I'm more about flava!  And here are just a couple examples of things that pack in both!

the best bread....EVER.  It's seriously good, and the Eco-Grain means that it has like half the junk as the regular.....calories, fat, carbs, sodium....etc.  And absolutely NONE of the flavor is lost.  I actually like it better than the regular Wheat Berry.  And for me to say that is huge.  I have tried low carb breads before and they are seriously blek.  But not Earth Grain's Eco-Grain.  It's just a whole lota healthy, and a whole lota good!
Green Tea - I've honestly never been a fan.  But it is proven to be the healthiest of all the tea, white, black....SO, I decided to try one more brand.  A brand I love....STASH!  A couple spoon fulls of sugar or some honey and it's actually not bad at all!  It's loaded with antioxidants and is even proven to help you loose weight.  I try and drink 2-3 cups a day to get the full benefits.
These little bad boys are awesome!  they are Gatorade G2 pack that you put in ur water bottle.  They are low calorie, full of flavor and NO fake sugars like aspartame.  I don't do aspartame or sacerine (prob misspelled that) which is why I don't do diet drinks....which btw are worse for you than regular....but that's another story.  You can get these packs at Target if you live in Northwest Arkansas.  For some reason Wal-Mart doesn't sell them.  boo for WM.  They are the only packet I have found that doesn't have the fake sugars.

And this is just plain good.....
I don't like the Bigelow brand...but I LOVE this tea.  And only in Decaf as for some reason the reg doesn't have as much flavor.  weird.  It has literally become my favorite tea.  The funny thing is I am really not into oranges and sweet spice when it comes to tea.  Yet something about this tea was so familiar and calming to me.  Try it, and you may like it too!  Try it, try it and you may, try it and you may I say :) 
*wow, we read Green Eggs and Ham way too much in our house lol

***for ur kiddos....grab some decaf tea and some local honey to help fend off colds.  Ours started getting some nose stuffiness and drainage, which caused coughing a few weeks ago.  I started giving them some of this tea with honey (and a few ice cubes to cool it down) and they were better before we knew it!

Some key things I try to remember in healthy living, and trying to lose weight, firm up or just plain get in better shape...
*keep a positive attitude.  studies show that people with a positive attitude toward their goals have a much higher chance of achieving them.
*cut out the crud, but make sure you don't loose the flava.  truth be told you can have the best intentions in the world, but if you are eating stuff just to loose weight, but you hate what it tastes like....odds are you won't keep with it.  so find stuff that has less.....sodium, carbs, calories, fat, etc....but don't kill yourself with flavorless or just plain gross food.
*don't give up
*don't just read the scale.  we don't even own a scale.  If I want to weight myself I have to remember to do it at the FitnessCenter.  Otherwise I just go by how my jeans fit.  And you have to use jeans, ladies.  Jeans don't lie.....seriously.  Those yoga pants will just keep stretchin....those jeans won't :)  trust me, lol
*Concentrate! - on your muscle groups you are trying to sculpt.  even when ur not working out, focus on them and almost anything you do can be a mini workout!  especially if you are a stay at home mom and do things like laundry, putting up the laundry, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dishes, lifting children.....all these things burn calories, but it can do so much more if you focus on specific muscle groups while you clean!   **ex...tighten ur core while vacuuming or mopping....switch arms to get both sides worked.  or...instead of just reaching down (using ur back) to pick up ur child, squat down and use ur leg muscles!
*Change the plane - When you do exercises that make you use both lower and upper body you will see results quicker.  What happens, pretty much, is that ur heart has to pump more blood, hence more oxygen flowing through ur lungs and more oxygen to ur muscles which in turn helps them work more efficient.
*drink plenty of water.  I have been so bad at this lately!

* Did I mention keep a POSITIVE ATTITUDE!  seriously girls, it's huge.   If you'd like to read more on some studies on results of a positive attitude check out Joyce Meyer's new book Power Thoughts

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