Monday, November 22, 2010

It's beginning to look like Christmas! YAY

Gabriel picked this out....he likes snowmen aka nu-nose.  We went just the two of us to pick up more lights for the tree, then decided to walk around a bit while we were there and he found this in an area we had totally missed the previous day that had even more decor than where we looked.
 the tree decorated
 new stockings for the kiddos!  they have never had these b4 and we thought they were cute.  the snowman or "nu-nose" is Gabriel's, the Reindeer or "Reinear" is Asher's and the Penguin or "Pengin" is Trinity's!
 Chris picked these out and I love them! 
Our kiddos are really liking snowmen.  It's quite funny.  The first thing they noticed was the big nose!  so they started calling it nose....then nu-nose and snonose.  Don't bother correcting them.  I think it's cute.  Whenever they say "nu-nose" Chris or I would say "you mean snowman?" and they would answers, "yeah, nu-nose" duh mom that's what I just said. lol nu-nose it is. HA

Some random pics from Chris' phone that never made it to the computer or blog.....till now :)
From the end of summer....
 they LOVE flowers and butterflies....and pretty much anything outdoorsy
 mmmmm ice cream!  For those who don't know Andy's in rogers will give you free "sample" cones if you let them know you have small kiddos.

 Gabriel falling asleep at the table. 'cus he's cool like that
 Halloween at the Brown's house.  Our kiddos loved this Optimus Prime talking hat thing.  Our kiddos weren't dressed up, but they sure did like to wear this!  this is Asher Prime....

And for those of you women doing the Proverbs 31 Woman 21 day Study with me we have until this coming Sunday, Nov 28th!  I hope you have been enjoying, learning and growing!  I know I have!

I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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  1. Asher's Stocking is a MOOOOSE!!! Not a Reindeer! He likes Moooses just like his Grammy!!! That's my boy!!!