Thursday, February 10, 2011


This year has just been amazing.  The first of the year we went on a 21 day Fast that was wonderful.  Really helped me focus and also helped me see eating habits that were just unhealthy that I had got in the habit of doing.  Thus I made a claim to just continue to eat better.  This lasted until we started getting ALL this crazy snow!  It's amazing how continuous snow can really put a dampener on eating healthy if you are not careful...and I was not.  And pretty much NO working out as when schools close, so do the classes at the Fitness Center. booo.  SO happy I didn't take Spin and pay $30 for a class I wouldn't be able to attend b/c of weather. 
But this snow has been CRAZY FUN!!!!  I have to say.  I L.O.V.E. snow.  And this year was a record year in NWA...literally more snow than the past 5 combined.  Like I said, crazy.  We had 3 storms almost back to back, each one stronger than the last.  The one we just got yesterday gave us over 20'' of awesome, beautiful snow!  this measurement was taken while it was still snowing!
I went out yesterday and made several Snow Angels.  I really just liked the exhilarating feeling of being able to just fall back into the snow.  There is just something so freeing about that. Chris even took a video of me doing one.  And I had to just lay there in the snow for a minute to enjoy it b4 getting back up.  Who knows when we will be able to experience snow like this again....
And today the kiddos were able to get out and play in it!  these are actually pics of this snow and the snow from the previous week....The DEEP stuff is from today.....snowman stuff from a couple days ago.
 Above pic....snow was SO FLUFFY today.  But we made a good start to our sledding track for tomorrow!
 My man is a STUD at making snowmen!!!  Teaching our kiddos right! lol
Several of my FB friends posted this wonderful verse yesterday and I am posting it here! yay!
“He directs the snow to fall on the earth and tells the rain to pour down. Then everyone stops working so they can watch his power." Job 37:6-7  ah, love it!

And this is HUGE.....
The kiddos decided they wanted to Potty Train....for real this time!  wooop wooop! 
 And I have to say it couldn't have come at a better time!  We had to use our diaper money envelope to help with groceries this check.  It's amazing how much more money you spend when you can't just go and do all shopping at once, at one store.  When Chris got paid we weren't able to make it to WalMart, so went to Harp's which is literally about a mile away....and also mucho more expensivo.  But, we are crazy blessed, because we had the means to pay for it.  Thank you Jesus for providing for us, yet always! 

Gabriel was the first to make this potty training decision.  Then Trinity decided to as well.  Then we bought some Thomas the Train underwear and Asher was on board too!  They have really been doing great!  Hardly any accidents.  Asher has had a few more recently, but still doing great.  Gabriel is in underwear for nap time and night time.  Trinity and Asher are in underwear for nap time.  They have done night time once or twice, but really still need some form of diaper for night time.  Needless to say we are SO PROUD OF THEM!!! 

Some suggestions for those thinking about starting to potty train multiples....
1. wait till they are ready....we tried this a year ago b/c they sparked an interest.  After a seriously stressful week and a half I decided to just wait till they took it much more serious.  So glad I did.  We've never been those parents who are in a race or trying to keep up with "the Jones'" so to speak so not a big deal to us.  wich leads me to #2...
2.  Don't worry about other people's kids or their opinion of yours....if you have multiples you should know this by now surely, but sometimes we can all forget that things really are different for us who have multiples.  Our kids are almost 3 and just now seriously potty training and I am ok with that.  I think it's not only less stressful for you as the parent but also for your little ones.  And I'm all about less stress.
3.  When having trouble, resort to characters.  We abhor character things....shirts, backpacks, shoes...all that kind of stuff is just crazy ugly in our book and we don't buy it.  BUT, we resorted to this for underwear to get Asher on board...and it worked.  And now he will even keep his GAP underwear clean!
4.  I have to say...if you have slender children, primarily speaking for boys.... GAP underwear really is worth it.  A friend scored us some while on sale AND on their discount and we are forever grateful.  While the cheap WM hanes and fruit of the loom boy underwear did it's purpose it doesn't fit well at all.  But at $4 I wasn't going to complain especially when it got results. Gap also has super cute, non cheez designs...they are thick soft cotton and pretty much fit our boys perfect. 
5.  Be patient, encouraging, patient, encouraging......and remember...they are 2...or however old yours are :)  don't expect them to be pro like ASAP and
6. Remind, remind, remind.....take the time to ask them and even if they say no, but it's been quite a while take them anyway.  We started doing that with Asher and it helped tremendously.  Even though he said "no" to having to go he would go everytime we took him.

Super Bowl party.....of course, Cheeseheads :)  couldn't get Gabriel to keep it on, but Trinity and Asher loved it!
And some yummy snow ice cream w/caramel sauce! on the lookout in future blog postings for more Bible Verse videos....Our last verse for Jan was Galatians 6:9a "So let’s not get tired of doing what is good." which I shortened to "never get tired of doing good"  We just didn't video it yet.  Going to do one per month.  I actually sat down and made a list...yay me! and yay for iphone list apps!  Our kiddos have done so good at actually memorizing the way we put them to song, then we sing that throughout the day and it really helps!  I just love hearing them speak God's Word!  

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