Sunday, February 20, 2011

Prayin' 'bout a house, eatin' ice cream, and Spring Feva

Yesterday we went out as a family for literally the first time in 3wks...besides church.  We left the house at about 1230pm and didn't get home till after 7pm.  It was fun.  And it was tiring.  wow.  It's amazing how worn out we all were by the time we were headed home.  We were like zombies.  lol

Our 1st stop was to look at a house we have been praying about for the past several months.  Kinda cool story so far.....Found the house as I was dropping some of our friends kids off at their house after spending a couple days with us.  They said we needed to go the back way b/c there are pretty trees that way.  As we turned onto their street I noticed this house for sale. And really fell in love instantly.  I called Chris after dropping them off and had him Google it.  It was ...just a bit out of our price range ;)  We started praying that if that was the house that God has for us to raise our kids in and  grow old in that He would supernaturally provide....lead the way.  We went by the house that next weekend to grab a flier and so Chris could see it in person. He loved it. And it had dropped $10K from the original price.  Still praying.  Checked it last had dropped an additional $30K.....that's $40k total people!!!  Went to go take a look at it yesterday with realtor to see the inside and backyard area.  It has apparently been on the market for a year.  It is a custom job, with a different style floor plan....which is why the Realtor said it has had trouble selling.  It's not the norm. And we just happen to think its close to perfect.  But who knows.  We will see if this is what God has in store.  Still praying and would love for any of you who read this to stand with us!  ....oh and it's in Bella Vista. and for those that don't know me that well....I've never been a "let's live in the woods" kinda girl....I'm a let's be as close to the mall kinda, this has to be a God thing.  'cuz I just fell in love with the lot!  It's so beautiful.  And the birds singing...  ah, peaceful!
And I have to say.  We love the house that we are in.  It's our home.  And we are thankful for it.  We may not be crazy about Centerton, but the house is fine.  We are totally content with it.  We had not even been looking at other homes.  At all.  This just happened.  So either way. But it would be really cool if....SO pray with us! lol

After the house we went to Red Lobster, for the 1st time in over a year.  It was lovely!  I really heart Red Lobster.  And I love that our kids are still young enough that they can just eat part of whatever we get, 'cuz there's no way I could have finished mine on my own.  Between the cheddar-bay biscuits, salad, and food we were all happily full!

We then went on to Old Navy and scored Trinity some $2.50 "flops" as our kids like to call them :)  aka flip flops.  I had scored the boys each a pair at WM a couple days prior....and it's funny, I got them this Nerf brand that was on sale for $3 at one WM, then the next day went to a different WM and they were $10...WHA????  I don't know what's crazier...the dif in price or the fact that someone would pay $10 for these flip flops.  in.sane.  Very excited about those deals!  Also went to Children's place and got the hook up on some $3 kids sun glasses! yay!  I think it's funny that Trinity had to get the one's that were "mommy glasses" ...the same style as mine....just her size and blue with flowers.  She's too cute! ha!

We then decided to treat the kids to some ice cream and one was free b/c our card was full! yay Cold Stone!  Asher got cake batter with sprinkles, Trinity got Strawberry, and Gabriel got coffee.  These kids love them some Cold Stone.....and so do we parents :-p

We have tried to wash our truck like 4 times.  Lines at the carwash have been CA-RA-ZYYYY.  We finally got Burby washed last night.  It felt so weird going through the carwash after dark.  lol...1st time for everything.  It was the only time there wasn't a 30min or more wait.  We got right in! yay!

....and did I mention NO potty accidents the WHOLE DAY OUT!!! YES! Thank you LORD. amen

And here are some random fun in the sun in Feb....spring-ish pics :)

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  1. OOOOh! That house is just too beautiful! Will keep you and your big gorgeous family in my prayers! =)