Friday, February 11, 2011

More fun stuff

Some random cool things our kids have been doing lately....

Gabriel likes to brush his teeth every time he uses the bathroom. So he goes potty, washes his hands, then brushes his teeth.  It's pretty funny.

Trinity has started coming up with her own food combination's.  The other day she wanted "fench fies, stawberries, and chicken"  lol...usually she just asks for pancakes every meal

Asher is obsessed with eating the snow outside.  He also says "thomas no wet" or "james no wet" or "percy no wet" on....everytime he finishes on the his reminder :) lol  He has also made a morning ritual of as soon as he gets anywhere from 6-7am he immediately comes in to cuddle with me.  It's sweet.  Although sometimes he scares me and wakes me up ;p haha....but we get our cuddles in!

They also like to make things like this...(Asher's idea)...
According to Asher these are drinks...and if you ask him what is in it..."grape juice!"  haha  guess that would be right since these are grapes with crunchy chow mein noodles for straws.  :)

They're pillow "choo choo" creative

Eating snow icecream with Frito Scoops :)  oh my.  I apparently didn't get them their spoons quick enough....

I have really enjoyed watching our kids manners just get better and better!  Something we have worked on from the start.  Trinity now say's "bank you very much". They are also getting really good at asking for things.   They now say "may.have.pease.more" lol  "bank you"  It's really the cutest thing. 

A great movie...Despicable Me.  Since watching it I have said "It's SO FLUFFY" like a zillion times.  I can't stop.  lol, if you haven't seen it here is a quick little clip of that scene....
knocked over.  
MUST.BUY.MOVIE!  Definite birthday present "for the kids"  :)

Some other funny (non-kid) movies we've seen recently...
Date Night
Dinner for Schmucks
Couple's Retreat

SALT is also good, just not a comedy

This year we are getting our taxes done by a Dave Ramsey ELP tax pro.  I'm kinda excited!  But I am also impatient.  I have already done a mock tax return just to get an idea :) lol....with our return we are doing some fun stuff.and I can't wait!!!

please check out these great blogs.  Both are about healthy living!  One more focused on recipe's and food and low carb eating This is a Short Life and the other just all around health....Our Journey to a Healthier Life

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