Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day!

I was helping Asher in the bathroom when Gabriel and Trinity kept saying "heart!" " heart, mommy" lol, I finally was like "what are you talking about?"  and they pointed....haha  My man is so sweet! 
 Valentine's the kiddos made for Daddy!...well, they colored them at least
 And what Chris came home with.....
 Such a sweetie....Tulips, card, husband certificates, and a Starbucks card.  So thankful that God made him specially for me!  I am a blessed woman, indeed!

and for some reason my boys....Asher and Gabriel spent a good majority of the day kissing and hugging on me. Apparently feeling the Valentine spirit.  I got butterfly kisses, kisses on the cheek and arms, hugs, cuddles, and at one point they each had a hold of one of my legs and would not let go.....so I even squeezed in a little workout. lol  They are pretty affectionate kiddos, but just a little over the top yesterday and it was SUPER sweet!

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

On another note....
this is our verse I am currently teaching the kids
 this is on our fridge so every time we go into the kitchen...which is all the time, we can repeat it!

If you have never read this book....GO, GO NOW and buy it.  It is a precious jewel. 
 I got it from half.com for $.75 + shipping.  You can't say no to that! lol

More great spiritual nuggets....

I have been listening to these 3 pastors for a while and LOVE them.  I share their msgs/blogs on Twitter and FB sometimes so figured I would also share with you all. 

And if you missed Sunday at KPC....here is our latest sermon series!
New Series @ KPC
 Our fist week "The Game" we gave away 4 Lane Leather Recliners...one in each service
This Sunday "The Girl" we gave away 4 Coach purses...one in each service
And this next Sunday "The Goal" we will be giving away 4 Brickman Gas Grills....one in each service
So if you live in Northwest Arkansas, get yourself to Keypoint Church!  We have a North and South Campus.  Both with service times of 9am and 1045am.

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