Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Christmas!

We had a great Christmas.  My mom and Chris' mom and dad came over to the house around 9am.  It's amazing how our kiddos hadn't touched the presents under the tree but like twice since we put them under there back before Thanksgiving, but as soon as the g-rents come in with all those gifts, it was like a serious chore keeping them off the presents.  But, as soon as everyone got in and settled, we let them dive right into their gifts!  And when they were done....almost two hours later...we were all spent. exhausted. and ready to eat. lol

And now a ridiculous amount of Xmas pics! Enjoy!
patiently waiting :)
 cleaning up
 our new family portrait :) lol
 I think Gabriel or Asher actually took this pic of my mom when they stole her camera :)  not bad boys!
 This tea set was a huge hit!
 "Here broder have more coffee"
our trio getting ready for the Christmas Eve service at KPC
 Breakfast Xmas morning!  I heart puff pastry...these morning buns were so easy to make..and SOOOOO yum-o
 gettin' some lovins
 "Here gama, let us help!"
 Tea time with gama!
Boys are funny....
Trinity teaching....
Wowza....that's alota trashola! glad we recylce!
Chris and I have been extremely overwhelmed this year with all the blessings God has given us.  And just one of those is our wonderful family.  It's one thing to have a lot of gifts....which are great, but not what it's about, and to have all the wonderful food.  But it's another to have family who can all come together and just enjoy one another's company.  So thankful that we were able to have such an amazing Christmas.  Great family, food and gifts.  

Thank you Jesus for all the love you have blessed our family with.  My cup runeth over! 

And a few pics since....
seriously, isn't this the cutest pic EVER... OMW ...what a good big brother.
Lincoln Logs!  I know I had a lot of fun building these! lol
I really heart Organization! yipee!

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