Monday, January 3, 2011

21 Days

Every year our church goes on a 21 Day Fast.  This will be our 3rd year to participate in this.  I am so excited!  Each year God has really revealed Himself to me in general and in specific areas that I have prayed about in my life.  It's a time for humility, wisdom, clarity, understanding, to reignite passion, and to just get at His feet in prayer and in His Word to deepen my relationship with my Abba. 

Our 1st year we tried the no food fast.  This was our first long fast EVER.  we made it 12 days with no food at all....liquids only.  As of day 13 we only added a small amount of food, soup and rice and plain baked potatoes.  Then last year we did 21 days of 1 meal per day.

This year....Chris has been in prayer about doing a water only Fast for the entire 21 days.

Water only is not what God has spoke to me, but I will be doing a Fast where I eat only veggies, fruit and some rice.  And I am also Fasting coffee.....which is HUGE.  I drink coffee ALL day long.  ugh.  I will be obedient.  I will be obedient. I - WILL - BE - OBEDIENT. 

Our fast starts this Wed (Jan 5th).  To kick off the fast I will also be doing a sort of a friend told me about where you take Pure Cranberry Juice that I got at our health food store (Ozrak Foods) and mix it with water and drink it (32oz water to 8oz PCJ).  It apparently works great so I will be drinking it up. She has also suggested an all natural sweetener to add to the drink, and I got it at walmart, called Truvia.  I am not usually down with any sweetener besides regular old sugar, but as this is nothing like aspartame or saccharine and is all Natural, I figured what the hey, right?! 

There are several things I will be praying about over the course of this Fast, but #1 is to just get at HIS feet and spend some good time in the Word and Prayer and asking Him to show Himself to me in ways I haven't seen before. 

I AM PUMPED to see what God is gong to do through everyone's acts of obedience!  I love hearing how lives have been changed, decisions made, priorities rearranged, answers revealed.  So encouraging.

I will journal my Fast at least weekly.  If you do not go to our church, but want to participate in the fast I would highly encourage you to!  It is an amazing time.  Just pray about what God is calling you to give up, then obey, spend time in prayer and in the Word and see how blessed your life will be because of it. I can't think of a better way to start the year!

Great resources for the Fast can be found at
Along with my One Year Bible I have, I am using two of the You Version resources....
1. 21 Day Fast devotional study....starting this one on day 1 of our Fast for extra encouragement.
2. Active Word Daily Devotional this one as it is short and a great way to start my day with some encouraging words and study without needing 45min or more to do it!  I actually do this one from my phone before I even get out of bed!  p.s. if you don't have the BIBLE app by YouVersion for your iphone....Get it!

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