Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My heart smiles

It's funny the little things that can warm someone's heart.  Really make their day.  Make them smile in some way.  Encourage them or lift them up in some way.

I know for me it's just that.  The little things.

Sometimes it's just talking to someone who shares my heart about something...generally related to being a wife or to parenting.  God has formed my heart to one that is crazy passionate about the family.  It's when my husband comes home from work in an exceptionally good mood, the kids nap without a crazy amount of effort or discipline, the house seems to stay clean...for more than 30 sec, once tight jeans fitting again, the waiter(es) seems to enjoy their job and is kind, we don't get stuck behind a smoker at our outdoor mall...that should be non-smoking anyway... btw, the way my children look up with arms raised and ask "mama?" because they want to be held, the tight hugs they give and how they each have their own special "nook" on my neck or chest, the look from my husband that needs no words and yet I still hear "i love you, baby", being able to bless someone, short lines at the store, sales, clearance items, the fact that every-time we go out someone compliments as to how well behaved our children are, an encouraging word, watching our children imitate us in everyday things just out of the blue, and being surprised or being able to surprise someone else.

These are just a few of mine.

One of the last things on this list in particular happened today....actually a couple of them, but I'm only going to talk about the one....watching our children imitate us in everyday things just out of the blue

We have a routine so to speak for nap-time everyday.  If someone needs to go potty or get their diaper changed we do that, then we give hugs and I tuck them into bed.  We go over what is wise behavior and what is not wise behavior for nap time...behavior that will result in a consequence (disciplinary action).  Then I pray over them out loud.  I pray for health, behavior, hearts, motives, our day, and fam in general  ...etc, and as I do I put my hand on each child as I pray over them.  And then we all say "amen!"  Well, today I had just tucked in Gabriel and was tucking in Asher when I noticed Trinity.  Her hand was brushing through Gabriel's hair and she was talking softly to him and leaned in to give him a kiss, then she proceeded to do the same to Asher.  I have no idea what she said.  But God sure does!  I just stood there in awe for a moment, then gave her hugs and tucked her in and proceeded to pray over them.  "Amen!" they shouted

Moments that make my heart smile!

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