Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Spots n' splotches

Yesterday after bath I noticed that Asher a had couple tiny pink spots on his tummy.  They were seriously mini-squeal.  And I didn't really think much of it.  The kiddos have had that b4 when they are getting over any kind of cold, sniffle or whatever.  The dr had always told us that it is just another way the infection gets out of the body.
Then around 2pm or so in the afternoon I noticed this.....
Wha? Where did these come from?  It was crazy.  Started brainstorming....we haven't changed his diet at all, no change in laundry soap or bath soap.  So I started looking online and found nothing.  I even FB'd it and got ideas all across the board.  They weren't irritating him or itching at all.  very weird. and then.....
b4 bed this is what it looked like....
Wow, getting much worse.  never seen anything like this b4.
Then worse of all was this a.m. when we woke up....
Blek.  craziness!  So my wonderful husband called into work and let them know he would be late so I could take Asher to the Dr. alone without having to drag everyone with us.  SO nice! Love that man!
Waiting at the Dr office.... we ended up having to go to convenient care b/c our reg dr office was booked solid.
He did of course end up wooooing one of the young pretty nurses.  Splotches and all he's still my stud muffin! If his awesome bed head hair wasn't enough he laid on the manners...."thank you" as she was leaving, then she sneezed as she was closing the door and he yelled "besh you!", so she opened it back up and gave him a smile and an "oh, that's so sweet", and then he did his famous Asher "bye,bye" and a wave.  This kid cracks me up.

So, the Dr finally made it in.  Turns out he has Hives.  Awesome.  The Doc said that hives can be caused by like a zillion reasons, but since Asher had had a little cough and a runny nose he said it was most likely due to a virus and it's just one more way for the sickness to come out.  So, once the virus is gone, so the rash will be also.  They did give him a steroid shot....which let me tell you he just loved ;p NOT  and we picked up an antibiotic for him to take over the next 12 days.

The best news is it's not serious and it's not contagious! yay!  So Christmas plans are still in full swing!

These pic's are only an 1 1/2hrs after he got the shot.  Already clearing up in a big way!  Yay!
Praise God!  And thanks to all of you who were praying for him!
Lots of love!

Update:  He just got up from nap and hives are pretty much completely gone! Holler!

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