Friday, March 11, 2011

Having fun

It's what we do best!  Just have fun.  No matter how busy we are....or sick.  Chris wasn't feeling well...again on Monday.  Then on Wednesday Gabriel woke up with some congestion and some snottiness...the green and yellow kind.  lovely!  Now they all three have it.  It's not bad, just annoying.  They don't have any fevers, but Asher and Gabriel have had a touch of diarrhea which isn't fun.  As good as they have been doing with underwear only, when uncontrollable diarrhea hits, there's only so much underwear cleaning I can stomach b4 putting some pull-ups back on.  BLEK!   But they are starting to do better today.  Still having the nasal yuk, and Asher still some diarrhea, but I think they are on the mend.

This year we are having our taxes done my a Dave Ramsey ELP in our area.  There is only one in our obviously he is crazy busy.  And unfortunately that means he is taking for.e.ver. to get our taxes done.  But I am praying that it will be worth the wait...and what we are paying him...and that it won't be much longer.    

This past Wednesday at church we had our Women's event...TRUTH!  It was amazing.  And we had a packed house! We worshiped, listen to the WORD...many women started their journey towards healing and freedom, ate cupcakes, and shopped!

I bought myself this hat...
...and as you can see it was stolen the next day :)  But I did eventually get it back. lol

Today was the first day in a while that it wasn't cold outside, and even though the kiddos are still sick, a little fresh air always does more good than harm.  And it helped them burns some energy off. 
More pics will come later as Blogger is not letting me add more.  Apparently I have maxed out my will get it figured out, cuz what's our family blog without pics, right!!? goodness

In the meantime, I will update my 365 photo page....which I have seriously been neglecting.  BUT, I am super crazy excited to say that I am getting a new camera outfit next week.  I can hardly stand it!  EEEEK!  I have been "shopping" this week to find the site with the best deals...that is a legit place to shop...baha. So many non-legit places out there when it comes to camera's.  A lesson I learned 8 years ago when I bought my last camera. Finally found one.  I have built my cart several times.  And glad that I have been practice buying as there have been important the battery pack, that I forgot the first couple times. lol

So be on the lookout for MORE photos, and MUUUUUUUCH better quality photos!  yipee!

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