Sunday, March 27, 2011

Inspiration meets Action.....and I Need some Help

OpenOurEyes Photography is about to start doing some great things.  I am very excited!  I have already had people interested in having photo's taken and donating!  And I am in need of a couple key tools.

Laptop - Would be used specifically for photography. Need to be able to support Photoshop Lightroom 3.  The laptop we currently have for general home use is extremely slow when it comes to pictures, editing, and supporting this.
Photoshop Lightroom 3 ($299)

Both things are "big items" at least to me :)  lol....But I know for God they "ain't no thang" Please join me and keep these needs in your prayers.  That God would supernaturally provide.

If anyone would like to donate please email me at:

I have to say, I was SO inspired by today's message by Pastor Platt from South Africa.  When he was talking about the mustard seed, and how BIG things many times start small, it was very encouraging.  I many times tend to think I'm supposed to have it all together and start with this big perfected project.  When really, it's about trusting God with my mustard seed, and that HE will grow it into that tree.  It's a lot like tithing/giving...if we are faithful with the little things, He will bless us in the big things. Being a river, not a reservoir. Just typing this takes the stress off.  Because this was never a Desiree thing.  This vision was all a God thing.  Not about me.  But about the people that will be impacted.  So why on earth would I be stressing over what I don't have or can't do....on and on.  I know that God will provide in all areas...time, skills, laptop, PS Lightroom 3, lol....So what do I have to be concerned about?  Nothing.  What do I have to be compassionate about?  People. The lives that will be touched.

What the present/near future looks like:
Doing photography (as my schedule allows)  taking donations for people going on mission trips and also for those who have started the adoption process.
For a minimum donation of $100 you can have a 30-45min photo session. If you feel so inclined to give more, that will be completely up to you.  You will receive a CD of all your edited photos to do with as you please!  **please note that by participating in this you will also be allowing me to post edited pics on Facebook page to "advertise" so to speak**  You will see my copyright (watermark) on Facebook, but the one's you receive on the CD will not have watermark.
The entire donation will be given towards the mission trip participant or towards the adoption fees for that specific family.

I am in the process of acquiring a complete list of families in our church that are currently in the adoption process.  SO, if you would like to give towards adoption but do not know who to give to, I can help with that!

For those of you who are trying to raise money for mission trips or adoption....Get the Word Out!  Tell whoever you know who likes/needs, kids, babies, maternity....whatever.  They can email me and we will hook up a time/date.

I am doing this because I love people and I love photography.  God laid on my heart several months back that I would not be doing photography for a fee that would benefit me financially.  He has better plans.  And since His plans are always better and cooler than mine, I'm going with His idea.  I have never worked in a professional studio.  I just love photography and am praying I can help some people and impact some lives for HIS Kingdom. 

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