Thursday, April 28, 2011

A week to chilax...and other randomness

Chris and I had been busier than usual.  Like every night/day had something going on...birthday parties for our kiddos, counseling, church & connect, 1st wed, friends, photo shoots, rock climbing, min4mommy, lifegroups...  Just busy.  Not in a bad way.  Each thing important.  And fun.  BUT we had no just us family time.  Not much time to clean and take care of the house, and no time to paint.  I am the kind of person that when I get going into a fast, busy mode for a long time....I just stay there.  Wound up.  Even when I don't need to be.  Then things that would normally not stress me out or push my buttons suddenly start to do just that.

SO, last week Chris and I did nothing.  Well close to nothing :)  Chris went to LG on Monday, I did 1 photoshoot Tues, then I had LG on Thursday.  But that was it.  Literally.  3 nights/days instead of 7.  It was just what I needed.  What we all needed.  We didn't even go to SKIA on Wed or have playgroup on Friday.  And it took me practically all week to slow down.  To get out of busy mode. To unwind.

**insert big much needed sigh**

And we all feel so much better.  There is definitely a reason why God commands us to rest...even God rested! (Exodus 20:8-11)  If God needs to rest,how much more should we?  baha. Although He did just speak the whole universe into existence.  lol  And resting is sometimes so hard, especially when, like I said, the things we were busy doing were important, fun, and part of our calling.

On Saturday we had plans of a big Family Day.  We were talking about it all week with the kids.  Chris and I were going to get the kiddos up on Saturday morning, have breakfast then go to the Botanical Gardens and after have a picnic.  We even bought a wonderful picnic basket.  We were so excited.  Finally a fun family day!

....Then it rained....and rained....and rained....AND RAINED. And thundered and lighteninged and hailed and flooded a bit.  So, exciting day out plans = Fail.  But we did get our entire bedroom painted!  Yay!  As not fun as painting is, it is SO nice to have that complete!  And our kids are amazing.  They didn't even complain....they actual had lots of fun.  Asher got their little broom and mop bucket out and pretended that he was dipping the broom (aka paint roller) into the paint (aka mop bucket) then he would sweep the walls and tell us "look, I paintin'!"  baha....he cracks me up

Kids are just amazing.  I love my sweet children.  They make boring things fun.  I like that.

It was funny, last night we got done with some pre-marital counseling and were on our way home from the church.  I looked up and saw that sun setting.  And literally thought "oh yeah, the sun" It has been cloudy, rainy, storming for a week.  no sun.  It's easy to forget that even when we don't see it, it is still there.  Still rising and setting.  It doesn't change.  Just like God.  No matter what kind of storm or clouds you feel like you are living through, God is still there.  He doesn't change.  But we have to remember to keep looking up in expectation.  I also love the way storm weather makes all the colors of nature just POP out.  All the greens especially are so vibrant, reminding us to see the beauty in any storm.  Sometimes it's hard, but if we just open our eyes and look beyond ourselves the beauty is there.  Even in the midst of the storm.  One of the pictures I saw on the KNWA facebook page of one of the pieces of hail literally looked just like a flower.  How cool is that?!  Thanks God for always showing us the beauty.  I just pray that we always remember to keep our eyes open to see it.

And today the sun is out!  As much as I like seeing the beauty that God displays in the midst of the storm, I am always SO crazy happy to see the sun again!  For the storm to be over....for now at least!  And to celebrate the sun being out I took the kiddos out for a walk/jog in the Jogger stroller this a.m.  It was beautiful!  The kiddos kept pointing up to the sky yelling in a super excited voice "mommy, da SUUUUUUN!"  lol  So thankful that we were able to get the tire fixed last week!  no more flat!  Looking forward to many walk/jogs to come!

The kiddos even stretched with me after....even though they didn't do any of the exercising.  lol  I figure it's never to early to teach them to stretch.  I am the most stiff , non stretchy person.  no matter how much I stretch I don't seem to get better, so want them to start out young.  We are also going to start doing some fun organized exercise time outside w/stretching....hoping this works out well, ha! 
 Gabriel wanted to stretch, but didn't want to stop eating his cin. raisin bread :)
And Trinity
Aw, thank you Jesus for this refreshing and relaxing week!  And thank you for the wonderful callings you have placed on our lives and family.  We are thankful for the busy, crazy times and the relaxing times.  It's all part of the life You have called us to, and we love it.

P.S.....I added a site for OpenOurEyes Photography!  yay!  check it out and share it please!

P.P.S.  I am so excited about that site and all the peeps "like"ing the FB page and getting photo shoots scheduled! yay!

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