Sunday, April 10, 2011

Beautiful Saturday!

This Saturday Chris and some friends from his LifeGroup went to Horse Shoe Canyon Ranch to do some rock climbing.  So while he was doing that, I decided to load up the kiddos and go for a joy ride to Fayetteville.  Our first stop was Target to use the potty :) and I ended up finding a purse too!  And I got the boys each a cool shirt...literally, for Easter Sunday!  The Rogers store tends to always be out of their size.

After Target it was off to find Wilson Park.  A friend told me to just get on Gregg and take it all the way till I couldn't anymore and then turn left.  So easy to get to!  I was thrilled.  And it is gorgeous there!  I will definitely be having some photoshoots there...not to mention we will be going there to hang out as a family some weekend.  It's just perfect.  Lots of play areas, plus tons of beautiful trees for shade, and picnic tables, benches.  It's just wonderful.  If you live in NWA and maybe like me have never been there, you owe it to yourself and your family to GO.

Then I just started turning onto roads that I had no idea where they would end up...and found myself at Dickson Street!  I love the buildings on Dickson.  If the majority of them weren't bars I would like them even more :)  But non the less, the buildings themselves are just wonderful....photographically speaking...the brick just has this great look. creative.  vintage. just not what you see everywhere. And I loved it.  It almost made me miss college life.  almost.  oh, the nostalgia.  If only the college I went to had such great streets as this.  And again...great locations for shoots.  But for mainly singles or couples.  I also went by the Greek Colosseum.  Great location to do big family's or just in general large group pics...if you like that rustic look!

By this time my kiddos were really asking for a park.  I had thought about going to a park I had never been to before called JB Hunt park.  But, then I remembered that a friend told me that the Botanical Gardens in Fayetteville was free Saturday's.  So we headed on over there.  They are free till noon!  And actually children 5 and under are always free I just found out on their website!  We will definitely be going back!  The kids had an amazingly great time.  Here are some pics....
Just starting our adventure!
 Wow, our kids were so excited to see the chickens!  We visited them and the fish twice.
 Bottom of the awesome ginormous fake can go inside and everything!
 See Daddy, we can rock climb too!
 This lead up to the top of the fake tree to what looked like a giant bird nest.  It was super steep.  On the way down the kiddos thought for sure they would be able to slide down....baha.
 Loved this bridge!

 Asher cooling off in the shade
 Boys being Boys
I was super impressed with the Botanical Gardens.  I was thinking that kids were just "welcomed"....But they actually had stuff just for the fake tree, and miniature doorways cut out that lead to another garden area, little paths for them to follow.  It's more like "adults are welcome" and I loved it because it was such a comfortable place to be.  I wasn't constantly having to tell them not to touch or don't go there.....unless they tried to step in the flower bed :)  So a very stress free fun day!  And for our kiddos there isn't much they like doing more than being outdoors...sticks, rocks, flowers, water, animals, fish....this was like a little slice of heaven for them!

Here are some non kid pics of the Gardens....

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