Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cuttin' Teeth....and Dog hair? he he

Teething, teething, and more teething is what we have been up to here at the Howard hizzi. Apparently pain equals grumpy, which in turn equals babies fighting over everything. Praise the Lord for Baby Orajel, and bath toys! Their bath toys are all they want to chew on have at it I say!

Sanity saver!

"mama, my teeth hurt!"

Oh yes, I have healing powers as long as I am holding whichever child needs comforting at the time. Crying immediately stops, no more pain, everything is OKAY when in mama's arms. It's pretty cool....although I much rather have my happy babies :P

But wouldn't you be a bit grumpy if you had seriously like almost ALL your teeth coming in at ONCE!! I think they are doing very well under the circumstances

Yesterday I decided to give Mr. Poo a bath...and in turn ended up cutting his hair. Won't go into the details as to why....BUT, lets just say that he was in SERIOUS need. We both feel much better now!

Kiddos seem to be doing better, although they are still in pain as they haven't been sleeping great. All in all we are going to finish this week off with a GORGEOUS day is it beautiful! Probably go for a walk later, then watch a movie tonight. Just have to decide on a movie...always the hard part.

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