Thursday, August 6, 2009

Blessings, Blessings everywhere....

Wow. We are SO blessed. It's really quite crazy when I think about it...and I do often....daily. I know that the best things in life aren't, well, "things". But things aren't bad! And many times, things are necessity. And funny the way God works is that all these things have been given to us by people God has placed in our lives. Some are family, new friends, and even people we had never officially met!

The following pictures are of a couple ways people in our lives have been obedient to God in the form of giving and therefor touched our lives in a great way. This past year and a half Chris and I have given more than we've ever given before, and have also received more than ever before. We truly don't deserve any of it, but God is SO gracious in showing us His favor. These are in no particular order

Clothes! God has really blessed us with some amazing giving people. I know some people are like..."really, just giving you what I would have given to helping hands or sold in a garage sale", BUT really this means SO much to our family....especially our clothed children. We have wonderful family who finds great deals/sales and grabs us stuff while they are out, and we have also had great friends from church give us clothes after their kids have grown out of them. And we will do the same when our kids grow out of their clothes they are currently in.

A new movie! When you know all the other one's by heart, it is always fun and refreshing to get a new one as a gift!

Diapers and wipes! So, cool thing about this is that yesterday morning I actually prayed that the diapers we had (only about 6) would last all day until I could get to the store to buy them with money we honestly didn't have...either that or I was just going to use the clothe ones we have. In my prayer I told God, "I know you will provide whatever we need....big or small, as you always have and always will." By 2pm in the afternoon God had sent us two different people bearing gifts of diapers and wipes! So exciting to know that we serve a God who answers in the "small" stuff 'cause He just cares that MUCH about us!

New carseats! Our wonderful church blessed us with these about a month ago...not to mention diapers and wipes! The kids where so excited the day we got them, they kept taking turns siting in the one we "unpackaged". This is Gabriel taking his turn.

The truck! Another very cool story. A while back I remember someone mentioning that we were going to need a bigger vehicle. My response was something like "well, we are paying off debt right now, then saving for our full emergency fund, then will hopefully be saving for a vehicle with more seating...we want to pay cash as to not have anymore debt. besides getting it that way, the only other way would be if God decided to just give us a vehicle for free.he he." Little did I know that a few months later that would be EXACTLY what God intended to do. pretty crazy stuff! A couple in our church (who has 4 children themselves...more than we do, and whom we had not ever really been formally introduced) felt SO strongly that God wanted them to bless us with their vehicle, they did it THAT SAME DAY! Wow, how obedient and full of love is that? Chris and I are still in awe every time we get in our "new" truck. That's what loving Jesus and obeying Him right when He says to do it really means. This family is a true example of that and we feel it as a family each day.

New the new truck!

Standing amazed! Thank you Jesus for Your amazing favor and love! And thank you to each of you who have been used by God to bless our family.


  1. So awesome. God is so good to us. Feels nice to be co-heirs with Christ, huh? Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this. It's good for others to actually see this.
    Your Friend in Christ!

  3. GOD IS GOOD!! So awesome to see Him in action!!