Sunday, May 15, 2011

Home improvements, sickness, photos

So we are almost done with this phase of our home improvements.  Our bedroom, entryway/hallway, and livingroom is painted.  crown is up.  hard wood flooring is almost all complete.  So exciting!  It will be nice when this phase is all complete.  Then after we save some more we will start phase 2....more painting (rest of the house) and a new vanity in the guest bathroom.  Little by little...sorry about these photo' pics ;)

This past week Gabriel and Asher were sick.  It started Sunday night.  Fevers, and Gabriel had an ear infection.  Both got the nasty green/yellow nose gunk.  And they still have that.  We left church this a.m. after 1st service because Gabriel, after being fever free for 3 days...had a slight fever....again.  ugh.  But now, after nap time he seems to be better.  Now we just need all the nose infection gunk to leave and we will be good!  This is the first real sickness (non-allergy) they have had all year thus far!  So it stinks they are sick, but nice that this is the only one thus far. So far the healthiest year yet :)  yay!
Gabriel looking pretty pitiful last Monday
Out getting some fresh air....Trinity feeling great :)  my healthy little girl!

I am loving doing photo shoots for people! I've had 2 reschedules for pics this week.  One rained out, the other froze out, lol...46deg on what was supposed to be a spring 65deg weather day. HA.  Can't wait to finish these 2 fam's pics!  Did I mention I so love doing photo shoots!  It's so exciting knowing that it is for such a great cause.  And the fact that people are really loving their pics is like icing on the cake.  It is quite exciting to see people's FB pics change to one that I have taken.  It's so important for people to love their pics.  It makes the donation that much more special.  Double blessing!  I'm very excited about where God is going to take this ministry and the people that will be touched because of it.  I pray for eyes to be opened and lives to be changed forever.

If you or someone you know is adopting and trying to raise funds, have them check out my page...
OpenOurEyes Photography I can do a set of special sessions to go specifically towards your adoption fund.  You can find my contact info on that site also to find out more info or just write on the FB page!

Maybe you just like to give to good causes.....why not get some pictures while you're at it!  Check out the website or FB page to see some of my previous donation givers pics!

You are my best advertisement, so please share with your friends and family!  And a HUGE thank you to those who already have!

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