Monday, May 16, 2011

Dang our kids are cute

Lately our kiddos have been saying the cutest funniest things.  they are at that age where they are trying to put sentences together and form stories....

Trinity: "Mommy, the squirrel scared.  It ran up into da top of tree. It lives at top of da tree"
Me: "oh really"
Trinity: "yeah.  Trinity what to catch a squirrel to have."
Me: "You want to catch a squirrel to have as a pet?"
Trinity: "yeah, Trinity gonna climb a to da top a da tree and catch a squirrel."

......well ok then

also from Trinity:
"Mommy I hungrin.  I need a some food.  I hungrin and need a some food."

"Mommy dat way, mommy dat way.." pointing to the direction she thinks I need to go while driving....she got every turn right on our way to church, lol.  Then that evening when we were picking Chris up after Connect, she was telling me "Mommy, I hungrin' and want chicken" and when we were passing the chicken place aka Bud's Chicken, she pointed and said, "Mommy, chicken dat way!"  baha

Asher when we leave the house....
"bye doggie Jacque, bye Thomas, bye Percy, bye Toby, bye Gordon.  bye house and toys."  This boy likes his trains :)

The boys letting me know they don't need help...
"no helpy Mama, no helpy"

"I got this, mama"

All 3 of them, one after the other, last night while we were waiting on Chris in the truck....
"God made me pray, Mommy!"  "Mommy, I pray"  "God made me, mommy, and I pray!"  I SOOOOO love them being in the Aqua room at church getting to learn verses and phases like this.  It's so cool!  And I love their activity sheets and crafts.  They are having a blast in that classroom and that makes Mama super happy!

We got the kiddos the "fishy game" this past week.  It's good for lots of entertainment and fun times
And a little video I took of Trinity on my phone.  She is dancing to Hillsong's Avalanch song off their Aftermath album during our worship time this a.m.  She sure does LOVE to dance.  If you ever see us out and you hear music playing you will prob see our kiddos trying to dance it up.  They were in Gap with us last week, an upbeat song came on, they let go of our hands and started dancing.  Trinity will even ask when she hears music.."mommy, can I dance!"  lol.... Please excuse the living room...I was folding laundry and the boys were playing trains so a bit messy ;p

We have also started our learning time outside and it has been super fun!  I will take a video and upload it the next time we go out.  
Fun times.  Love my super cute kiddos!  And love this stage too!


  1. DANG they are cute is right!!!!! =8-D
    I'll be lookin' out for a squirell for Trinity!!!! HEHEHEHEHEHEH!

    Gramma <3