Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hello 2012

So far this year has really been great....except for the fact that it seems like we have been non-stop sick.  Myself and our 3 kiddos have had the stomach bug twice.  Then my hubby and my sweet girl got the flu full on with fevers and body aches last week.  And of course it spread to the rest of us!  We even quarantined Chris to the master bedroom.  I slept on the couch.  We opened windows when it was nice out to get fresh air throughout the house.  We lysol'd like crazy.  Thankfully Trinity's ended after 2 days.  She drank lots of fresh orange juice and fresh pineapple juice I made and that seemed to perk her right up.  Now, over a week later, finally we all seem to be starting to get better, one day at a time.  As I write this I am sitting with Asher on the couch with a warm compress on his puffy eyes.  He got over his fever quickly but now has a cough and apparently some sinus issues, hence the puffy eyes.....  **Update...Asher's fever is back :(

Besides sickness, we have been great!  When we've been able to make it to church, it has been so wonderful and such a blessing.  I absolutely love our topical Freedom Classes.  And we have another one coming up this Sunday and I pray we are all well so we can attend!

While I've been on the couch I've been spending my evenings listening to some amazing WORD.  I watched Elevation Church's Code Orange Revival.  It was such an amazing 12 night event.  I listened to 3-4 sermons per evening/night.  I highly recommend listening/watching them.  They are available via iTunes.  I promise they will be a blessing to you and will really motivate you for Christ.  Check 'em out!

And in between or sickness we managed to get out a tiny bit to have a trip to the library and a trip to a park.     Here are some picks for the G-rents who I'm sure have been really missing the grandkids the past month that we have had sicknesses :(  I hope we get to see y'all soon!  Please keep praying for healing!  Kiddos say "Love you Gamma" (shout out to my mom) and "Love you PapaGamma" (shout out to Chris' parents)  I hope these super cute pics will Perk up everyone's day!  I know they make me smile :)

Dang, these kids are cute!

I"m really hoping and praying we get some SNOW this year.  The poor new sled is lonely!  And apparently a good freeze is what helps get rid of all the infections/sicknesses going around.  So come on SNOW!!!

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