Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Family, Fireworks, and just hangin' out (4th of July weekend)!

This was the BEST 4th of July weekend!  We had so much fun and lots of family time, and some time with friends.  The kiddos really liked having Daddy home.  Chris took Friday and Tuesday off, so he had a 5 day weekend, and it was wonderful.  We chilled at the house, went and got ice cream, walked the 'Nade and got some Lemonade from Antie Anne's.  Monday evening we headed over to Orchard's Park for the fireworks show.  I was so happy....we didn't get there till like 745pm, and we got a close parking space AND a great place to sit!  Holler!  Here are some pics....the kids LOVED the fireworks.  Gabriel literally clapped at every firework that went he clapped a lot!

 Below is the baby frog that visited us on our blanket at the park...

Then on Tuesday we had another fun filled day....back to Orchard's park to see the ducks, toss rocks, and climb around!
After this we went to the cool gas station for lunch.  Also found out that you can have peanut butter made do it yourself.  It's the coolest thing!  They have this machine with a whole bunch of peanuts.  You press a lever, and the peanuts turn into fresh PB!  It's awesome.  We will def be trying that when we run out of what we have!  For some reason we had never seen it b4.  

Then we headed to Downtown Rogers and visited "Toby" :)

 And stopped by Meridienne (dessert salon/cafe) for some ice tea and a snack...ALL their desserts are totally fab.  The kids had some of our Lemon Tarte and some homemade Chocolate Marshmallows.  They make everything there fresh....and it's YUM

Then finished out our day and weekend playing some Tennis on the new courts out at Memorial Park!  Chris and I played several games, let the kids get the balls (they loved that!).  Then Chris gave the kids their 1st Tennis lesson!  They had SOOOO much fun.  And today (Wed) they have been constantly asking "more tennis mama?!!!!" lol!  Now we know how much they will enjoy it, and will need to grab them some kid rackets! FUN times....and don't they look so cute?!  It's like we have our own little Tennis club....

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